End-to-end solution for transparency management and sustainability communication.

From Data to Value.

Future-proof your company with Renoon: substantiate every claim, gain
transparency on every process, and make every decision an informed one.

Tackle greenwashing risk 

Substantiate every sustainability claim with concrete proof points across environment, society, circularity, technology, and animal ethics. With Renoon, you can ensure to maintain your brand's trustworthiness by communicating with precision and always staying in line with market expectations, best practices and new European or US legislation. 

  • Structure your proof points with a management system

  • Receive alerts for validation errors or expiry dates

  • Gain the flexibility to communicate with precision

Quantify your environmental efforts

Empower your brand with precise environmental metrics using Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).

  • Streamline data gathering for automated LCA integration

  • Gain insights on up to 16 different environmental KPI categories

  • Make informed decision

  • Identify reduction opportunities

Build a transparent supply chain

Map your entire supply chain from direct supplier to tier 4. With a mapped supplier network, efficiently gather data to support your sustainability claims.

  • Increase response rate with a supplier-friendly onboarding

  • Save time by integrating pre-existing systems (PLM, ERP) or by bulk-uploading supplier data

  • Manage supply-chain data yourself with an easy dashboard

  • Prepare for upcoming regulation by building a solid infrastructure and process

Engage your audience with transparency

Efficiently go to market with your claims with Responsibility Product Passports both online with E-commerce widgets and offline with dynamic QR codes. Embed transparency into every product and give your audience the power of education, ensuring authentic connection and trust.

  • Avoid manual errors by automating the population of product passports

  • Make it unique: tailor the look and feel based on your brand’s aesthetic

  • Build your transparency by selecting from pre-build modules

  • Plug & play e-commerce widget & dynamic QR codes integration

Stay ahead of the regulatory curve

With ever-evolving sustainability regulations, every company needs a reliable partner to stay compliant. Renoon offers tools that simplify adherence to US, EU and specific country regulations such as AGEC, Green Claims Directive, Etichettatura Ambientale, and more. 

  • Free up your time from administrative work

  • Get real time alerts on new compliance requirements

  • Automate the generation of product sheets as required by compliance

  • Facilitate communication within your company

Solidify your commitment with systematic validation

With Renoon’s platform, you access a solid and transparent validation process that turns your evidence and documents into credible, and authentic claims.

Gain visibility on the level of substantiation of your claims, whether they can be fully proofed through third-party certifications or have evidence, backed by declarations.

Levels of substantiation

Level 1

Declaration structure

Map your supply chain practices, gather relevant evidence, and generate declaration documents aligned with industry standards.

Level 2

Data validation

Utilize our software to cross-check and validate mapped data against official sources for utmost precision.

Level 3

Third party verification

Gain ultimate confidence in your claims by managing pre-existing third-party certifications across scope, product and transaction levels.