Tools for supply chain mapping, traceability and visibility in the fashion and textile industry: a list of solution providers and technologies

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February 5, 2024



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Iris Skrami

Co-founder and CSO

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Where digital IDs and transparency are pulled by regulations and market demands, supply chain mapping, traceability, and visibility have become paramount. 

To meet these demands, small and large businesses are turning to innovative technologies and solution providers. 

Here's a list of some solution providers at the forefront to consider for enhancing transparency and sustainability in the fashion and textile supply chain: 

  • Renoon 
  • The ID Factory
  • TrusTrace
  • FairlyMade
  • Retraced
  • BCome

The below information is generic and serves as a guideline for companies looking for a list of solution providers to consider; the information provided may not be accurate at the time of reading. Direct contact with the companies is highly encouraged.

If you are unsure, this is the definition of traceability and supply chain visibility.

Supply chain solutions: Renoon

Key markets: Italy, Netherlands, France, International

Renoon is an end-to-end solution for transparency and green claims management in the fashion and textile industry. Renoon equips companies with tools to trace data, perform LCAs at scale, and launch Digital Product Passports. Its key strengths lie in its modularity, interoperability, and extensive integrations, making it a one-stop solution for companies seeking to enhance transparency across their supply chains and finally connect the dots.

Renoon is trusted by dozens of companies.

Supply chain solutions: The ID Factory

Key markets: Italy, Germany, International

The ID Factory specializes in traceability solutions for the footwear industry. Their technology enables brands and consumers to verify chain of custidy, ensuring transparency and trust throughout the supply chain.

The software focuses on enterprise companies. 

Supply chain solutions: TrusTrace

Key markets: Nordics, International

TrusTrace offers a software platform for sustainable supply chain management. Their solution allows companies to trace raw materials, monitor production processes, and assess the environmental and social impact of their operations.

The software focuses on enterprise companies. 

Supply chain solutions: FairlyMade

Key markets: France, International

FairlyMade focuses on ethical sourcing and production in the fashion industry. Their platform connects brands with ethical suppliers and provides tools for monitoring labor practices and environmental sustainability. FairlyMade empowers brands to create products that align with ethical and sustainable values.

The software serves SMEs and enterprise companies. 

Supply chain solutions: Retraced

Key markets: Germany, International

Retraced offers a solution for traceability and transparency in the fashion supply chain. Their technology allows brands to track products from source to shelf, providing consumers with insights into the journey of each item. Retraced helps brands build trust and credibility by demonstrating their commitment to transparency and sustainability.

The software serves SMEs and enterprise companies. 

Supply chain solutions: BCome

Key markets: Spain, International

BCome provides a supply chain visibility platform for the fashion and textile industry. Their solution enables brands to monitor environmental and social impacts throughout the supply chain, from raw material sourcing to production and distribution. BCome helps brands identify opportunities for improvement and drive positive change within their supply chains.

In addition to the above-mentioned solution providers, more tools connected to Digital Product Passports can be found in the official annex of the CIRPASS documentation. These tools offer further opportunities for enhancing supply chain mapping, traceability, and visibility in the fashion and textile industry.

At Renoon, we recognise the difficulty in identifying the right tools to effectively adopt and scale traceability solutions to prepare for regulations while gaining competitive advantage.

We have an open and collaborative approach with businesses and solutions, integrating with many of them. 

Please reach out to or Book a Demo.

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