Triarchy works with Renoon to make their transparency and traceability efforts more accessible

Published on

February 7, 2024


Iris Skrami

Co-founder and CSO

Sara Ongaro

Head of Data

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In an era where sustainability is a growing concern for consumers, the fashion industry faces increasing pressure to provide transparent information about its products' environmental and social impacts. Recent statistics reveal that while 62% of Millennials and Gen-Z aim to incorporate sustainability into their purchases, a staggering 74% of them feel that brands aren't providing enough information to make informed decisions.

To address this challenge head-on, Triarchy has joined forces with Renoon to progress the way customers access information about the products purchased.

"Triarchy is more than just a denim brand—it's a vehicle for educating consumers on mindful consumption and the importance of less is more in today's world" - Adam Taubenfligel, founder and creative director.

Triarchy's Online Widget

Transparency and accountability

Triarchy's partnership with Renoon introduces impact labels on e-commerce product pages and physical labels via QR codes. Adam, the founder of Triarchy, emphasizes the importance of accountability and transparency in combating greenwashing, stating,

"Working with Renoon to expose our accountability is what allows us to be a responsible denim brand."

The transparency widget launched by Triarchy in collaboration with Renoon provides customers with comprehensive insights into the brand's manufacturing practices.

By displaying details about the product's journey, including supply chain information and values, the widget empowers customers to make informed decisions aligned with their sustainability values.

Moreover, the inclusion of QR codes on denim items offers customers even more transparency.

By scanning the codes with their smartphones, customers gain access to detailed information about the manufacturing process, fostering greater trust and transparency in the brand.

Triarchy's Responsibility Product Passport

Preparing for Digital Product Passports

Triarchy's initiative underscores its commitment to transparency, with plans to progressively expand the transparency widget and QR code features for full DPP compliance.

This partnership between Triarchy and Renoon exemplifies the fashion industry's growing emphasis on transparency and sustainability.

By providing consumers with accessible and reliable information, companies like Triarchy are building competitive advantage and brand resilience.

As the industry continues to evolve, partnerships like Triarchy and Renoon set a new standard for transparency, paving the way for a practical implementation of Digital Product Passports and Traceability.

At Renoon, we recognise the specific skillset required to effectively launch DPPs, prepare for regulations while gaining competitive advantage.

As we continuously build top-notch technologies that companies adopt, we are happy to answer any questions and receive any feedback.

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