Poupette St Barth partners with Renoon to provide transparency and traceability insights

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February 5, 2024


Iris Skrami

Co-founder and CSO

Sara Ongaro

Head of Data

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62% of Millennials & Gen-Z are looking to incorporate sustainability into their purchases (Shopify 2022), however, 74% of them think there isn’t enough information from brands to make those informed decisions (Google, 2022). 

In the 2023 Greenpeace report the traceability on product label/e-commerce has the worst score. As greenwashing becomes a major problem for the industry & consumers, they mistrust whether sustainability claims are actually true. A big gap in transparency is clear. Product descriptions remain dry and opaque for most brands. Transparency is now becoming key in fighting this.

Poupette St Barth has partnered with Renoon to generate impact labels in the e-commerce product pages and physical labels through QR codes.

We are proud to join the Renoon initiative along our sustainability journey.
It is also a way to endorse greener behaviours within the Fashion Industry and lead consumers and brands to care

- Poupette St Barth

The role of luxury and transparency

Poupette St Barth is a French luxury fashion brand renowned for its resort wear collections. Inspired by the Caribbean island of St Barthélemy and the multiple travels of its founder, Poupette Giraud, the brand offers a range of timeless and effortlessly chic hand-crafted designs that celebrate femininity and elegance.

It is now a worldwide brand, distributed in more than 220 points of sale, including its own boutiques - with its first flagship opened in Gustavia, St Barth in 2000, but also luxury retailers such as Saks Fith Avenue, digital marketplaces, such as My Theresa.

Poupette St Barth incorporates transparency marks in their e-commerce and products in collaboration with Renoon to provide customers with a deeper understanding of the practices employed in the manufacturing process.

The product labelings display information about the journey of the products, including details on our supply chain and values.

This feature will help customers make informed decisions about their purchases and elevate the understanding and perception of the craft behind the production of products, adding value to the upcoming Digital Product Passports that will be demanded by law.

By scanning the QR codes on the labels with their smartphones, customers will be able to see the details of the manufacturing process and learn more about how their item was made. This feature is especially important for customers who value craftsmanship and want to engage with the story the products they purchase.

Through the Renoon software, Poupette St Barth is also able to map their suppliers and measure the impact of their production.

E-commerce Impact Labels integrated on Poupette St Barth's webshop

Visit Poupette St Barth's website here.

Next steps: partnering for transparency

Poupette St Barth and Renoon's partnership is an important milestone in the transparency journey of the luxury industry.

As a transparency platform that empowers companies to measure and provide visibility into their environmental and social sustainability, Renoon continues to improve its tools to efficiently speed up information's time-to-market, and help to understand & engage customers at the point of purchase.

Read more about the partnership on Sourcing Journal.
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Poupette St Barth

Solene Chapron - Communication Project Manager 


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