WOMSH sneakers now have Digital Product Passports powered by Renoon

Published on

March 29, 2024


Iris Skrami

Co-founder and CSO

Sara Ongaro

Head of Data

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This week sneaker brand WOMSH is announcing the launch of Digital Product Passports on their SS24 collection distributed on 250+ stores with the technical support of Renoon. 

WOMSH chose Renoon as an officially mapped DPP solution supporting the ESPR legislation, which appears to include traceability and the ability to substantiate green claims accessible through a data carrier system. 

This innovative QR code is not just a design element, but is a direct bridge between the consumer and the authentic history of each pair of sneakers. Now, with a simple scan, you can find out everything about their origin, from the composition of the material to the labor that created them. We want to share every detail with you: where our shoes come from, who made them and under what conditions, guaranteeing transparency and justice along the entire production chain. 

But we don't stop here. Womsh is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring respect for people throughout the production process.

For this reason, we have entered into a significant collaboration with Renoon, one of the most authoritative platforms at an international level for the traceability and disclosure of the processes of sustainable fashion brands.

This partnership is not just a step forward for Womsh, but a leap in the right direction for the entire industry. Together with Renoon, we are redefining fashion standards, even anticipating European laws with an innovative initiative: the digital product passport.

Transparency is at the heart of our mission, and we are excited to share this journey with you. With Renoon, we share a common vision: to rewrite the codes of the fashion world, transforming it into a more sustainable and fair environment for all.” 

- Gianni della Mora, CEO of WOMSH

More than Digital Product Passports

  • WOMSH partners with Renoon, to further improve their relationship with suppliers through transparency and traceability efforts with the launch of Digital Product Passports.
  • This partnership enables the brand to engage customers by embedding tags in their physical products and e-commerce with information on their origin, certificates, and product facts. 
  • The initiative launches with the e-commerce widget and the QR code physical experience.

Womsh online widget powered by Renoon

At Renoon, we recognise the specific skillset required to effectively launch DPPs, prepare for regulations while gaining competitive advantage.

As we continuously build top-notch technologies that companies adopt, we are happy to answer any questions and receive any feedback.

Please reach out to info@renoon.com or Book a Demo.

Visit: womsh.com

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